Blue Zones – The Power 9

Research has shown only about 20% of how long the average person lives is determined by genes. The other 80% is determined by lifestyle and your surroundings (we often refer to this as your “environment”). The people who live longer than anyone else in the world tend to have similar lifestyles that include the following nine characteristics we call the Power 9.
1. Move Naturally
2. Have Purpose
3. Down Shift
4. 80% Rule
5. Plant Slant
6. Wine @ 5
7. Belong
8. Loved Ones First
9. Right Tribe
To make it to age 100, you have to have won the genetic lottery. But most of us have the capacity to make it well into our early 90s and largely without chronic disease. By adopting a Blue Zones lifestyle and committing to the Power 9, you can live well into your 100s, with more vitality than you’d ever thought possible.