2017 Conferences

The Age Old Practice of Yoga to Support Healthy Aging

Carol spoke at the California Assisted Living Association Conference in Palm Desert on Wednesday November 8th, 2017.  Participants were invited to sample three of the eight branches of yoga while remaining seated – Pranayama (breathing), Asanas (gentle poses/movement), and Dhyana (meditation) – and experience firsthand the benefits of this age-old mind-body practice that calms the mind, increases flexibility, and facilitates pain reduction. They were able to explore how yoga holds the potential for residents and other participants to unite body, mind, and breath, and increase one’s spiritual connection, if so desired. They left the presentation with helpful ideas for incorporating these practices with residents in various places on the wellness spectrum.

Physical Activities, Including Yoga, to Promote a Healthy Body, Mind, and Soul

Carol spoke at the Southern California Association of Activity Professionals on Friday October 27th, 2017 in Fullerton.  Her interactive presentation allowed the participates to take back some physical activity ideas for their residents.